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Mind Games training products are also available as Personalized Subliminal Tapes and CDs that incorporate:

These high quality, custom made music tapes and CDs are far more powerful and effective than generic subliminal tapes because they recognize the fact that each of us is a separate individual with many special characteristics that are unique to us.

The way we talk, the goals we wish to achieve, our schedules for fulfilling our ambitions, the way we think, are all characteristics that are as distinctive as our fingerprints.

In order to individualize each program, participants are required to complete a easy and brief inventory. The inventory is then translated into powerful affirmations and the affirmations are presented for final approval.

Once approved the affirmations are placed on tape or CD. The tape or CD uses your own favorite music as the masking medium. By simply listening to the tape or playing it as background music, you gain the full impact of the personalized message. The message is projected just below the threshold of your conscious hearing so all you are consciously aware of is the music.

You do not have to concentrate on the tape when you use it and your can do other things as it plays. To maximize the effect you are required to say your affirmations aloud at least once every day to help ingrain them into your subconscious mind.

When the subconscious mind is repeatedly subjected to the affirmations presented within the music, the affirmations began to replace doubts and negative thoughts, for example, and begin to transform your attitude into that of a consistent winner with unshakable confidence and unstoppable drive and will power. Subliminal Affirmations have an amazing power to bring about changes in your attitude, your life and your level of performance. And they come with an unconditional, money-back guarantee.

Whether an individual's goals revolve around athletics, finances, or life improvement, a set of personalized subliminal tapes or CDs are an effective tool in helping to achieve them. Don't your really want to give yourself every possible advantage and opportunity to reach your goals?

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